Race Management System

All of our tracks are controlled by personal computers using the feature-rich Race Coordinator software and Arduino track interface.

You can download the free Race Coordinator software from their web site at www.racecoordinator.net.

The developers of Race Coordinator invest enormous amounts of their time maintaining and enhancing the software as well as responding to the many questions from the growing user community. If you do decide to use Race Coordinator, please consider making a donation to one of the charities listed on their web site. 

Useful Files

We have a few Race Coordinator-specific files we use to tailor the racing experience.

Standard Fuel Images

Identical to what is provided with RC but with solid black background and outline (so you can see low fuel levels if racing in red lane). Grab them here.

Custom Fuel Images

RC_Fuel_Images_Gauges2: Uses a real Analog fuel gauge as a background for that authentic look as can be seen in the screenshot (17 images in this set). Grab them here.

RC_Fuel_Images_Gauges3: Uses a real LED fuel gauge as a background (11 images in this set). Grab them here.

Custom Screens

Raceday_Power_F11_F12: Identical RaceDay screens provided with RC but allows control of track power using F11 (Master Power OFF) and F12 (Master Power ON). Grab them here.

Contact Us if you have any questions.