8. May, 2016

Le Mans Results from Birralee Park Raceway Saturday 7th May

Round 2 of the Birralee Park Championship series was the Le Mans Group C Teams Enduro event.

This race was run in an enduro format with 3 teams racing 3 heats of 1 hour duration with fuel stops. To simulate the 24 hour nature of the real event Heats 1 and 3 were run with room lights on and Heat 2 was run with room lights off in darkness relying on the car headlights to guide the way. The night section turned out to be the differentiator with team DMH adapting very well with average lap times almost 0.5 seconds quicker which created a comfortable buffer between other teams.

Congratulations to team DMH for taking the win!!!

It was a great night and a BIG THANK you to track owner for hosting and cooking up a storm. We all thoroughly enjoyed the event and look forward to the next one at Birralee Park.